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Carlea J Photography specializes in fresh, fun, classic wedding photography and natural light, outdoor portrait photography. My husband and I shoot weddings as a team and I shoot portrait sessions solo. You can read more about us on the BIO tab. The best way to keep up with my latest work is to follow me on facebook (@Carlea J Photography) or click the (f) facebook icon at the top left of this page. To book a session, you can fill out the contact form at the top of the page, or email me directly. 

All portrait sessions and weddings include: my time and talent shooting the session, travel within 30 miles*, professional photo editing/retouching, an online viewing and ordering gallery, and a usb of all hand edited high resolution images with copyright permission (meaning you are free to reprint them as you wish). Most portrait sessions result in anywhere from 75-150+ edited images. Weddings generally result in anywhere from 100-150+ images an hour, so for an 8 hour wedding, you can except to receive somewhere in the neighborhood of 800-1200 images, give or take. The actual number of images depends on the events of your day :)



Portraits for Individuals/Children/Babies/Families start at $400

For one baby age 3 months or older*, one child, one adult, or a family of up to five members (mom, dad, 3 children) in a natural light setting. $25/person charge for each additional child or family member. The session is one to two hours in an outdoor location of your choice.

Lifestyle Newborn Family Sessions $400 plus travel when applicable

Lifestyle newborn sessions take place at the clients home and focus on a mix of posed *family* shots as well as candids in a laid back, natural setting. I do not offer the more posed "naked baby with his chin on his fists in a basket" type of newborn photography. If that is what you are looking for, please contact my amazingly talented friend Amanda Green Photography and tell her I sent you! For an example of a "lifestyle newborn session" go to my Carlea J Photography page, click on photos, then albums, and then click on "Grimes Family: Lifestyle Newborn Session"

Senior Portraits                                  $400

2-3 outfits, 1-2 locations


Engagement Photography
                                              $400 a la carte, discounted in some wedding packages

Bridal Portrait Session                      $400 a la carte, discounted in some wedding packages

Photographic Coverage of the Wedding Day                  

Hourly coverage starting at $2150 for four hours, packages with two portrait sessions and or albums starting at $3150

Wedding package pricing is customized based on date, travel, length of time, and other factors. Discounted combined packages available. Please email me for a full list of packages and extras. Second shooters are available. 

*Travel is charged at the industry standard rate for sessions and events more than 30 miles from my home for Houston sessions or 30 miles from my inlaws' home for Austin sessions. We are available for destination weddings. Contact me for details. 

Payment is always due in full before any photos are taken at a portrait session and seven days before a wedding event.