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My name is Carlea. I love national parks, tex-mex, donuts, dr pepper, online shopping, organizing, and trashy reality television. I think I was a travel agent in a past life. Or some sort of someone who researches and plans all the things. I shoot weddings with my husband, Dustin. We are living the burbs life with two precious kiddos and two not-so-precious cats. Ive been shooting weddings for nine years and absolutely LOVE what I do. I studied photojournalism at The University of Texas and also dabbled in wedding planning. I have shot over 100 weddings and approximately one million engagements, bridal portraits, and family/child sessions. Kidding. Kind of. I am completely type A. I love lists. And schedules. And details. And pretty flowers. And nice people. And candid, romantic moments. I think a live band can make a wedding reception. I know how to bustle a wedding dress. We are going to be best friends.